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Welcome to the St Charles County Flying Club

St. Charles County Flying Club operates out of the St Charles Flying Service FBO at KSET St Charles County Regional Airport – Smartt Field.

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Why Join a Flying Club

A flying club helps to create a sense of community.  Joining a flying club connects you to a network of people that share your interests and passion for flying. We organize social events and activities outside of flying as well.

The biggest draw to joining a flying club is the affordability. Flying clubs ease the cost of owning and maintaining your own aircraft. Flying clubs are member-owned and operated, so all costs associated with membership are used to benefit members instead of generating a profit. Our club charges a membership fee to join, fixed expenses (hanger fees and insurance) are shared expenses, divided amongst the members. The cost of flying the aircraft is currently $35 per hour (subject to change), this fee pays for aircraft maintenance and upgrades. Each member also pays for their own fuel. If needed CFI / CFII instructor services are available from St Charles Flying Service.


Please fill out the form to be added to our membership waitlist. When a membership slot opens you’ll be contacted.


To contact us please fill out the form below, we’ll be in touch within 24 hours.